Testamentary Will Template: Married with Children - Ontario, Canada

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This lawyer-approved Will template is suitable for a married person with children. It allows you to dictate how your assets will be divided after you pass away. 

The template is a Microsoft Word file. You will be required to manually enter your information into the template (i.e. your name, name(s) of the executor(s), names of the beneficiaries, names of the witnesses, signing date). The template includes instructions on how to get the Will signed, witnessed, and notarized.

This Will template gives all of your assets to your spouse upon your death. In the event that your spouse does not survive you by 30 days, you will be able to list a number of beneficiaries and decide what percentage of your estate goes to each beneficiary.  

The Template also allows you to name Guardians (Custodians) to take care of your minor children in the event that both parent pass away (this is optional and may be deleted if not applicable).


  • Simple Will (Includes Appointment of Executors, Appointment of Guardians (Custodians), Naming of Beneficiaries, & Executor Powers).
  • Affidavit of Execution.
  • Instructions on how to get the will witnesses and notarized.

File Type: Microsoft Word

File Length: 10 Pages